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Zer Netmouse Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Anne" journal:

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May 4th, 2017
09:09 pm


Might heart breaks for the Gay People Dying in Chechnya
I am so sad to hear about people being killed and tortured and imprisoned in Chechnya (and the world around) for being gay.

Is this another holocaust?

Why now?

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12:38 pm


Showered with love and understanding
In June of 2001 I was married. I had two bridal showers - one formal, with relatives, and one less formal, with only chosen family besides my mother. I have recently been going back through pictures from the wedding as well as my journal from that time period (written on paper, all old-fashioned, like), and I wanted to share this with people who know me:

2001 Bridal Shower at Lucy&apos;s

[click on the picture to see the rest of the album]

On Sunday, June 10, 2001, I was the special guest at a brunch bridal shower hosted by some of my mom's best friends, at the home of Michael and Lucy Miller, in Ann Arbor. Then and now, I was struck by how amazing these women were, and how lucky I've been, to have had them in my life since I was little. They were not surrogate mothers, nor did I think of them as Aunts. They were, and are, the central network of my lifelong extended family, our closest friends. As long as I can remember, their homes and hearts have been open to me, and I have learned how to treat and get along with others, how to joke, play, dance, discuss, and live life, by their example almost as much as from my own parents.

(Other women who played that role in my life but were not present were Sue Downey, Gena Lovett, Martha McClatchey, Ina [Keyes] Wesenberg, Jane [Goldman] McGehee, Pat Hackley, and Ellen MacDonald. And I shall never forget Marci Gersh, who died some years ago.)

According to my journal, the hostesses were Lucy Miller, Cathie Dries, and Edi Bletcher, and guests present included myself, my mom, Anna Miller, Sandy and Anna Krecic, Penny McDonald, Tanja Vandervoo, Noel Winkler, and Suzanne Taylor. My friend Ann Cheng also attended, who had driven over for the weekend with me from Waterloo, Ontario, where I was still finishing my master's degree.

My journal also makes note of the food: Cheese and bread and wine and water, and then a delicious lunch of pasta (angel hair, w/pinenuts, artichoke hearts, garlic, mini zuchini slices, fresh dill w/oil & vinegar & lemon juice), grilled turkey breast (marinated in Montreal steak sauce, grilled by Tom Bletcher over hickory & cedar chips), fancy breads, and a dark greens salad. Lucy also put out a plate of pea pods and cherries, which looked pretty, with sesame seeds scattered over the peas and the cherries around the outside. And for dessert Cathie had made a cheesecake. That was served with fresh blueberries and raspberries and kiwi on top and on the side with optional raspberry sauce.

After lunch was presents, and they had me tell everyone how I knew the person whose gift I was opening. After general presents I got a recipe book, which included recipes from people who couldn't come, like Pat Hackley. Aimee McDonald was "reportedly in Chicago at the gala opening of Davy Rothbart's new magazine and couldn't come, but she sent a card which I'll have to re-read later 'cause it made me cry."

I have been through a divorce and many moves since that lovely Sunday, and let stuff go with each of those events as well as when I merged my life with Brian's. I no longer have all of the gifts from this event, but I still have that recipe book. Including a very spicy recipe from Aimee that warns the cook to be careful not to catch the kitchen on fire with the spicy hot oil. :) As you can tell from that book, and from what I wrote in my journal, they also helped teach me a love of food, and of sharing it with others.

I am so very thankful to have all these women in my life. I simply cannot express how much it means to me.

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May 2nd, 2017
04:12 pm


I didn't realize the footers with the links to dreamwidth were not showing up on posts crossposted to LJ. This should be corrected now.

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12:40 pm


Updating my Website at Netmouse.com
I just applied for a job, and as part of that, updated my website at netmouse.com.

While doing that, I updated a sort of ongoing log of my major activities, which is over at this page on how I've spent my time.

I also changed references to livejournal so they now refer here to netmouse.dreamwidth.org

If you are curious about me, because I am new to you or just in general, that page has a lot in it about who I am and what I have done.

I am actively looking for short term freelance work, part-time work, or possibly full time work. If you have any opportunities you think I should consider, please reach out. Thanks!

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April 25th, 2017
02:11 pm


Testing - moving to Dreamwidth
Hello folks at Dreamwidth! I am switching my posting to here.

This is due to the recent change in terms of service at Livejournal. I have had this account here on DW for a long time, but I haven't really used it much. I am hoping there will be a resurgence of use and enough of a community here to support my being active on Dreamwidth.

I have imported my content from LJ (in DW, under Organize->Import Content) and will be cross-posting to LJ from DW automagically.

This post is partly to see if that is working.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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March 9th, 2017
02:38 pm


Head feels like it's in blankets, even when I walk around.

Lying in bed, trying to get over my recent illness, I started to feel like I was actually hiding from the world. Not something I want to be doing.

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March 6th, 2017
09:25 am


March already. Huh.
I have spent the first part of March feverishly doing laundry. Not feverishly as in fast, but as in, I have a fever and laundry is about all I can manage.

Actually, the first day of March I was still in Michigan, on a lovely visit with my parents, but I could tell that I'd caught a cold.

The second day in March I got us packed out of there and sheparded myself and Rosie home on a fairly direct noon flight. Then I fell over, while Brian took the kiddo kite flying. I dragged myself out of bed to eat soup and go to my history writer's group, which only meets quarterly, after which I was done.

The next few days are kind of a feverish blur. I ache all over, including my eye sockets. My cough, though rare, sounds horrid, and wracks my whole body. I could tell I was still not well last night, when I took to bed early and did not read, but rather simply turned out the light and crashed.

Today I put breakfast on the table, got folks out the door, did dishes, and *then* laid down, a huge improvement.

If only I had wings and had just flown a marathon, it would provide a much more interesting story as to why those parts of my back are so sore.


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February 15th, 2017
11:00 am


HelloFresh: Not Worth It
Mini-review: Hellofresh: Not worth it.
Details: A few weeks ago I got a half-off coupon to try meals-in-a-box service HelloFresh for a week (two meals), so we did. Then we canceled it, and I don't recommend it.

The ingredients were, in fact, very fresh, and well-packed. Really well packed. Lots of extra packaging well packed. Didn't feel at all environmentally responsible.
The meals were mildly tasty but not anything to jump up and down about. Our recipe list came with three recipes, but we only got two meals. I tried making the last recipe as well, and it wasn't very good either.
This was not a time-saver. Each meal took at *least* an hour to prepare. If you are a foodie and already have gourmet tools in your kitchen (which we do), food prep was all do-able, but it was not simple, and it was work-intensive.
The meals were also not to my liking in terms of balance, meat-veggie-starch-wise. More rice than we needed for four servings, not enough vegetables for it to be a complete meal.
Finally, although the web site advertised you could select your recipes, _after_ I chose the family package, I found out that only with the classic package can you choose your meals. Our first two meal options were pork sliders and a beef stir-fry. I don't usually eat beef, so I wanted to swap that out, but it wasn't an option. and it didn't look possible to change our package. That was a bummer.

So all in all? Got us to cook some different things in the week. Didn't really save us time, still cost a bit more than usual per meal, even at _half-off_. Definitely not worth it from our perspective.

We canceled our subscription immediately.

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September 19th, 2016
10:20 pm


free memberships to Boskone; note on gaming cons
Originally posted by kate_nepveu at free memberships to Boskone; note on gaming cons
Originally posted at Con or Bust by Kate Nepveu. All comments must be made there.

Fans of color/non-white fans, the following new free memberships are available now, first-come first serve:

  • Boskone, February 17-19, 2017, Boston, MA, USA. Boskone is an annual science fiction convention, the oldest in New England. Its 2017 Guests are: Guest of Honor: Brandon Sanderson; Official Artist: Dave Seeley; Special Guest: Maryelizabeth Yturralde; Featured Filkers: The Fabulous Lorraine & Lojo Russo; Hal Clement Science Speaker: Milton Davis; and NESFA Press Guest: Ken MacLeod.

    Boskone has donated two memberships to Con or Bust.

To learn how to request assistance, see the Request Assistance page. For the most up-to-date list of cons to which assistance is available, see the Upcoming Cons page.

Finally, a note on gaming cons: Con or Bust is semi-regularly asked whether it can distribute donated memberships to cons solely focused on gaming. Unfortunately, Con or Bust doesn’t have the resources to expand to gaming cons, and so we’ve had to decline these generous offers. But our friends at I Need Diverse Games — newly set up as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization! — are delighted to accept donated memberships to gaming cons to distribute to POC/LGBTQIA/Disabled/other marginalized people. Please check out their assistance page for details!

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August 28th, 2016
12:08 pm


Rosie's... 3rd 6th birthday party
Rosie turned 6 this year, and as usual she has a birthday Season rather than one party. On her birthday proper, it was a Thursday and she had dance class, so she just opened presents from us and Grandparents, had dinner with me and her dad, and Uncle Chris skyped in to join in singing Happy Birthday before she blew out six candles stuck in a slice of cheesecake.

That Friday her aunt Sarah flew in for a visit, so Saturday we had a sort of "family" party with some close friends, and we had a small ice cream cake with strawberries, and another round of singing and presents. And having Sarah visit was a gift in and of itself.

TODAY we have the "friends from school" chaos, I mean, party, and it's going to be here at the house as well. It would have been easier to go to Chuck e Cheese or a similar place like most of her classmates have done, but once we got a house with a pool she had her heart set on a pool party, so we have a lifeguard friend coming over as well as 8-10 school friends, and we got a Slip and Slide type slide which we still haven't set up yet, in case the pool gets boring. There's still a big pile of boxes in the living room but I worked hard the last few days getting boxes *out* of the playroom downstairs and setting it up with toys, and Brian installed the cat door to the utility room, so we can lock them out of that, so I'm hoping the kids will pretty much stay out of the living room because it's boring compared to the pool, the sun room, and the play room.

I just really hope no one sprains or breaks an ankle or anything, because the yard is full of trip hazards we haven't resolved yet. And the party starts in 3 hours and I'm still cleaning.

I'm trying not to freak out, though. Or as I imagine Chuck Wendig might write, "I'm not freaking out! YOU'RE freaking out. Just shut UP over there with your stupid 'freak-out' face."

Cupcakes are made and will be frosted once Brian and Rosie get home. I'm going to get back to sweeping and vacuuming, and then we will put up decorations.

Wish us luck!

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