Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all you fathers out there. You do wonderful impressive things all the time in your parenting and I salute you and send you loads of virtual hugs!

Last night Bill and I ran out for some small last-minute father's day gifts, and afterward I was really tired. We ate dinner and watched a movie and it wasn't dark yet and I felt like I still hadn't done anything productive that day (one issue with my job is, yes, I can be at work all day and still feel like I haven't done anything that counts). So rather than lie down as I was tempted to do, I brought the computer downstairs and Bill and I finally threw tgether another newsletter. We'd meant for them to be quarterly, but it's been a busy spring (our first went out in December/January). Those should be hitting the mail next week. If you'd like a copy and aren't sure if I have your current mailing address, please drop me a line at - any username will work but netmouse is the one I use most often.

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