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Zer Netmouse
June 20th, 2002
02:51 pm


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Well, I just spent half an hour playing in the water in the back yard on ahot day. It was like going back to childhood. I was washing off the tarps and the back patio and table and I got wet all up the front of my shirt and to top it off, I let the hose fall to the ground and it landed on, with the nozzle pointing straight up like a sprinkler. I just had to laugh.

Yesterday we went to the gym and I weighed in at 178.2 lbs. That just about 2 lbs less than two weeks ago, so I'm pleased.

Lots of things coming together for this weekend, and Bill and I will have been married a year! Which reminds me, Happy anniversary, Blade and Eleri!

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Date:June 20th, 2002 03:28 pm (UTC)
Happy Anniversary right back!
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