Anne (netmouse) wrote,

And then a week goes by, and I realize I haven't posted anything...

so some updates.

My shoulder has regained full mobility but still hurts much of the time, and my appointment to see the orthopedic shoulder specialist is not until June 14th. It may be that Bill and I are not going to hike across Isle Royale after all, at least not at the end of June.

I have most of a ConFusion Committee recruited, but we're still missing a head of Program Ops, a head of Transportation, and a Parties and Party contest coordinator. Let me know if you're interested. I was pleased by how the meeting went, and just as pleased to end up playing a quiet game of euchre afterward with Scott and Brendan and Tammy and then Eric as Tammy took Liam to bed. I had not played in forever, but Brendan more than made up for me and we won anyway in a close but friendly game.

Next concom meeting is at Vets park following the Stilyagi Picnic June 12.

Bill and I are off to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend, it seems. We have more friends there than I ever see, and it seems a bit sad to get so close to them and just pass them by. But I'm not sure I'm up for organizing any getting together.

James Goebel asked me for an update on my career goals, and I rather liked what I wrote, so here it is:

goals: I would like to work either as a team leader or as the assistant
to someone who is a leader in a development department or otherwise in a
creative organization. I am flexible as to industry and specific
responsibilities, but it would leverage my skills best if my work involves
applied technology and the work is challenging to me, requiring me to learn
and adapt. I learn very quickly and adapt well, and I flourish in a
high-paced creative environment. I'm seeking a position with opportunities
for mentorship and advancement, and one that is full-time with benefits.

My specific skills are diverse, as is my experience. I am an accomplished
programmer and I am trained in systems analysis and interface design. Most
of my work experience has been in software and computing and in biomedical
technology. I have also done other types of design and project management,
worked as support staff and web consultant, and done publications work such
as writing and editing. This merger of expertise puts me in an excellent
position to produce project specifications, for example.

I find that the ways I most stand out are through my leadership. I am
highly responsible and invest myself in the goals of the organization. I
enjoy helping others succeed, from clients to fellow workers, and I
willingly identify and accept additional responsibilites. I also communicate
well with all types of people.


sometimes lately I have doubted that last bit, but only in contrast with my own former performance, not really compared to the average population. At times I feel a bit sour and impatient, and my communications have reflected that.

now excuse me while I dress and go to a job that has little if anything to do with those afore-mentioned career goals. (Don't mind me, it's a gray and rainy day and my feet are cold.)

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