Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Mother's day weekend...

We had Bill's mom Nancy visiting for the weekend, Friday to Monday, Saturday we had dinner over at my parents' house, and on Sunday my mom and dad and my Grandma Gay (dad's mom) came over to our house for a traditional mid-afternoon dinner. It was a busy weekend, but nice, especially with the terrific weather Saturday.

Saturday right after work I ran into Elleanor Chin, older sister of my high-school boyfriend Peter, and after catching up on some news from her I impulsively ran over to their mom's house to give Janet a glass flower from work. I really enjoyed seeing her, however briefly, and ought to make it over for a real visit soon. For anyone who knows them, perhaps the biggest news is that Elleanor is getting married in October. No, I don't know his name. The brother of someone she knew through the Akido Dojo.

Sunday morning, Bill and Nancy and I had fun digging out the china, silver, and crystal to set a pretty table. I scrambled to get some final cleaning done. That seems to have paid off. Not only did I feel comfortable taking my grandmother around the house, but also mom commented afterward that it was the most picked up she'd ever seen the place. Bill and I are enjoying it, and now I just have to dig through all the stuff I threw on my desk...

[extra kudos to rikhei for helping clean our stove and stove island last week]

Dinner went well, an experiment of Bill's: a pork Loin sliced sideways to make a slab, then wrapped around a stuffing of fresh pineapple and pears. I think it would be better with some additional seasonings and maybe some rum, but it was good. Dessert was also especially good - Rainbow Sherbet with sliced strawberries and optional whipped cream. That was served on a plate with a sherbet dish standing on it and the strawberries around the bottom of the dish on the plate, so some people had whipped cream just on their strawberries. It was good.

We took some photos later and my dad showed me a possible avenue for using my finger or something to reflect my digital camera flash off the ceiling or wall so it doesn't wash things out so badly. I'll have to experiment with it, but it has promise.

After everyone but Nancy left, Nancy and I finished the jigsaw puzzle I've been doing and then I fell asleep early to the sound of the rain...

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