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Zer Netmouse
May 5th, 2004
11:40 pm


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haven't been much in the mood to write lately. My shoulder's been hurting more than I expected and it's got me a bit down. Also the AWC Gala web crew has been pushing to get to a good place before the chapter's annual dinner tomorrow, at work we've been prepping for mother's day weekend, which is always busy, and at home we're getting ready to host Bill's mom for the weekend and have mom and dad and grandma over for dinner Sunday as well.

I was talking to my mom today about how things are going getting the house clean, and out of the blue she asked if I had a meeting tonight. I said yes, and one tomorrow (which is really the dinner, but it's similar). her response:

"How do you live?"

which was, of course, typical mom melodrama, but it was/is also true that I spend too much time in volunteering and in meetings. Nicely, though, tonight's meeting was with Barbara, Laura, and Liz, all women that I like a lot, so it was also fun. tomorrow night should be fun too, I don't know.

but I must focus more on job hunt, less on volunteer stuff. Last night I found a job to apply to and today I sent in my resume. Today I didn't get to it, but we went out and got some mother's day presents, so that's good. I've been working a bit on my profile at LinkedIn. Lots yet to put in there, but I'm hoping it will be useful. my second-degree network has a lot of good people in IT in this area in it. We'll see.

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