Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Neighborhood Watch Notice

Scam Artist Operating in Liberty/Stadium/Pauline Area:

There is a young woman pandering for cash in our neighborhood (and probably all around town). She is very practised in her story, comes across as very nice, but she is a fraud and her motives other than cash are unknown. Do not give her money or rides or let her into your home. She has not shown any sign of being physically dangerous but she may be scouting for theft.

Physically, she is about medium height (perhaps 5' 3") and slightly heavyset
(180 to 200 lbs). Her skin is dark black and she has a small but noticable
round scar or birthmark on her left cheek that almost looks like a teardrop,
and large eyes. She is approximately 29 years old and has been observed on
one occasion carrying a small red purse and on another occasion possessing a
heavy chain of multiple keys.

Recent incidents occurred at the Post Office on Stadium (April 14) and at
the corner of Dartmoor Rd and Liberty (April 29th) but she has been
operating for over a year and is known to the police. Mode of Operation is
to approach someone, asking for help.

Consistent parts of her story: she claims to be pregnant, to have an
apartment in Chicago or Flint and to work and/or go to school there. She
says her boyfriend brought her here to Ann Arbor to visit a friend in the
hospital and then abandoned her. She claims he took her purse and she has
no ID, and says that the services here in town will not help her. She
pretends to want to take the bus somewhere. She has a story about how she
lived in Ann Arbor until she was five when her parents were killed by a
drunk driver. Sometimes she adds details about being raped or abused or
having her adoptive parents recently die. She will play on your sympathy
and your desire to be charitable and not to be racist.

If you are approached by this person, please call 911 and have the police
come out and identify her.

Remember to always report suspicious persons in the neighborhood to the
police at 911 or to contact Adele El-Ayoubi, Crime Prevention Specialist via
email or phone 994-8775.

You are also welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns. Please pass this information around.

--Anne Murphy
Dartmoor Neighborhood Watch Block Captain
509 Dartmoor Rd. (734) 996-9017

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