Anne (netmouse) wrote,

every time I try to get organized I discover more things I'd like to do

Hey, I have a Master's degree now!

MASc in Systems Design Engineering, yessir! What am I going to do with it? I'll get back to you.

I didn't really truly believe it was going to happen until they handed it to me. or maybe when I got there to line up and there was a card with my name on it to put me in the right place in line and I was in the program and everything.

My mother did not punch my superviser in the nose. (yay! -I think)

We had a lovely time at the bed and breakfast and we did get the posters framed for Gary and Ann before the end of Saturday night and I got to sing the kids to sleep and I threw up late saturday night (funny how I always get sick after the stress is over) but it was nice to see the people I saw and I especially enjoyed Sunday's going to see All's Well That Ends Well in Stratford and a nice dinner at the York st. Kitchen followed by a sleepy ride to the coast of lake Huron - waking up in time to stand at the shore and watch the sun go down - and it didn't even bother me much how late we got home last night, though this morning I slept until 8 and woke up with a slight cough and sore throat. It's probably just abit of a chill. I'll dress warm and chase it away with soup.
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