Anne (netmouse) wrote,

okay, Matt Arnold edited out Trill's head and made me a square version of this user pic. Thanks Matt!

I have been wasting entirely too much time, reading Will Shetterly's book Chimera - but it was worth it! a good book. Even better was reading Jane Irwin's Vogelein on Saturday. When not doing that, I've been getting a *lot* of sleep, making slow progress on decluttering the house, and hanging out with Mary and Bill.

We saw Kill Bill (both volumes) on friday. I feel I can recommend them. And yet I'm not sure I want to see them again anytime soon. It's an odd reaction, I think.

The sun is out and I am happy as always to feel spring in the air. Last night we went on a walk and I let the wind remind me of younger years -- running in a pack, letting the wind whip us into giddy pleasure at being young and foolish and free.
Life is good.
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