Anne (netmouse) wrote,

A quiet Sunday

Yesterday was pretty quiet.

It was a good thing I had told tammylc I couldn't go to Ontario with her because my cold re-asserted itself and I was in bed sleeping or reading until nearly 2 (not counting a nice brunch Bill fixed for us around 11). On Saturday I had walked to and from work and that seems to have overdone it - I was back to coughing and occasional mild fever.

I got up in the afternoon and sat in the living room enjoying the wireless network Bill set up. Part of his motivation for that was his new XBox, on which he was racing much of the day. I got in a couple good solid hours doing AWC work before Bill and I decided it was time to cut his hair.

As has become our practice, we put a movie on and sat Bill on the stepstool in the kitchen facing the TV. We put on The Lion King 1 1/2, which is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. I'm going to have to post a review on Netflix because all the ones there were just plain wrong. I've nearly completely given up on Disney sequels and spinoffs at this point. On the other hand, it was nice to have something on that was occassionally musical and didn't really grab any of my attention, because I gave Bill a pretty decent haircut. His hair is now short.

(other times we've used movies that I've already seen so many times I don't really need to watch them...)

For dinner we decided to try out the (relatively new) Greek place on the corner of Detroit and Catherine, Pelagos Taverna. It's downstairs with a sunken patio that looks like a nice cool place to dine in the summer. This month's Current magazine has a coupon for a free cold appetiser.

Anyway, we thought it was very nice. We had the Octopadi appetiser (marinated octopus with tomatos, cucumber, and capers), I had a lamb shank cassarole entree whose name I forget but it had generous amounts of artichoke heart (trimmed nicely to just the soft heart) and a lemon sauce. Bill had the Chicken Corflu, which was Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, goats cheese, and herbs, with the same lemon sauce, served with some perfectly cooked peapods and lemon potatos on the side. Desert was a rice pudding for Bill and their yogurt with walnuts and honey for me. Bill had to finish off my yogurt - I liked it, but it was too strong for me to eat that much.

All in all, it was a nice dining experience, not that fancy, but appropriate to the prices. The interior is decorated very nicely, and it was quiet and relaxed, unsurprising for a Sunday evening.

When we got home we went right back out to get some key groceries. By the time we got back from that I was tired and went straight to bed. Once there, however, I got caught up in my book and read it through to the end. That was David Gemmell's The Dark Prince. I have liked everything I've read by Gemmell. It isn't high or clever literature, but the characters and the stories are compelling and likeable and he has good ideas.

This morning I am still coughing just a little and will have to take another quiet day.

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