Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Association for Women in Computing Gala meeting: Monday 8 pm

Hello everyone! Sorry about the crossposting. This is just to let everyone know that we'll be having a meeting of the AWC Gala committee this coming Monday, March 22, at 8 pm. Everyone who is interested in helping plan the Gala is welcome.

Since this is a bit of a getting-to-know-you event, I'll be hosting it at my house, 509 Dartmoor Rd, in Ann Arbor. Further directions are at . We will also be discussing our overall goals for the Gala, the likely character of the event itself, some possible locations, as well as possible speakers and ideas for Master of Ceremonies.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with it, we held our first Gala this past November, raising over $15,000 to seed a scholarship fund for Michigan Women in Computing. We awarded the Top Michigan Women in Computing Awards, and brought together many luminaries of the Michigan high technology scene, including the state CIO, Teri Takai, who was our keynote speaker. This year we will be awarding two $1,500 scholarships from that fund and we hope to have the scholarship recipients join us at the gala.

If you are interested in helping but cannot attend, do contact me anyway. Committees include Fundraising and Sponsorship, Awards, Event and Location, Registration, Web and IT, Publications, Publicity, and Speakers. All levels of participation are welcome.

Your VP Gala,

--Anne Murphy

Anne KG Murphy
509 Dartmoor Rd, Ann Arbor MI 48103
734-996-9017 (h) 734-668-6047 (w)

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