Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Made meatloaf and potatos for dinner last night. Bill helped me try to remember his mom's meatloaf recipe.

There keep being rumors of thunderstorms, but I don't think they've hit yet. Now the weather people say they won't be here until tomorrow and Friday. I guess I should have just gone ahead and worked on finishing our bookshelves.

Had a nice time this morning stuffing envelopes for the RiversFor Congress campaign. Had a bit of a tough time finding the office, but got a great free parking space right in front of it for the two hours, so that was good. While there, I ended up sitting across from my mom and dad's former neighbor Pat, which was a bit of a lark. Had a nice conversation with her and Tina and Julie. Julie works for the campaign, Tina is currently looking for work in IT or project management - just recently graduated from the U f M in Information Science. We kibitzed a bit on job searching techniques. She recommended and also said to check out Feiser (sp?) and Toyota - in particular, she thinks Toyota has an R&D location on the north side of town. Word is the city and the county have all their jobs posted on their websites, and the state of michigan is finally ending their hiring freeze in the middle of the summer. NSF was also mentioned. And of course, the University is the largest employer in Ann Arbor and not to be overlooked.

I went grocery shopping on the way home and by the time I got home I was on the down side. I had lunch and I think I really should organize some reunion stuff but I feel like puttering away at the office stuff. I got up around 6 today and dug into the bills and stuff that were piled on the floor in the office, so I've got a good start.
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