Anne (netmouse) wrote,

sick day

home sick today. I spent most of it either sleeping or reading Roger Zelazy's collection of short stories, Last defender of camelot. It's good. It's Zelazny. Much of the time, that's the same thing.

Oh, and I also spent lots of time blowing my nose. *sigh* I don't see any signs of ear infection, meaning my mucus is all clear. My mom told me on the phone that she had read somewhere that someone had said that wasn't a reliable indicator and you could have a bacterial infection with none of those signs. My ears hurt enough that I'm tempted to believe her despite the poor quality of her references and her spotty track record.

Bill just got home and after heroic offerings of going out to get something for dinner, fell asleep. I'll let him rest for a bit. He's still recovering from this cold, which he got on Friday and slowly gave me despite my determined resistance. But he went to work today, the poor dear.

Whenever I have a sick day I'm tempted to do volunteer work or something, get caught up, but Bill conjoined me not to spend too much time sitting up when he left this morning, and I've been pretty good. All that goodness should be rewarded with feeling better, but sadly, as Zelazny says, nature didn't invent justice, that's something mankind made up.

maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

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