Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I finally went on my walk for the day, up to return the movie from last night and pick up our clothes from the cleaners. I get the idea I looked a little odd walking home with my tilly hat on, carrying two fresh-cleaned suits and a dress. Of course I just now got my new spring suit cleaned so I can wear it to graduation, and then I'll need to get it cleaned again, but C'est la vie. Two suits, a blouse, and a dres, $34. I don't know how people can afford to get their clothes dry cleaned regularly. Oh, right, the horribly uneven distribution of wealth in America. I forgot for a second.

So I got my walk and I called the Chimney Guy (waiting for him to get back to me) and earlier mom brought the patio table back for us to continue to use as a kitchen table until we get a real one - she stayed for lunch; it was nice until the part about giving me directions on how to finish the den bookshelf.

It's supposed to rain later; there's a nice breeze right now, but the sun is on and off fierce. This morning before lunch I went out and knocked off the beginning of a wasp's nest from our shed. This afternoon I went and knocked off a smaller, darker next that I suspect was being made by the same wasp. A yellow jacket looks to also be making a nest on that shed overhang. I go the coward's route of knocking the nest down with a very long stick and then running away very quickly. Doors are good. I still haven't gotten up the courage to attack the mud wasp nest hanging from our porch roof, though. From what I've seen, Mud Wasps are bigger and meaner-looking than other kinds of wasps.

Then I tried starting to mow the lawn, but got interrupted by mom's arrival. Now my arms are looking burnt so I'm going to wait until later. In the meantime, Sarah sent me a request for pictures to show off at an upcoming staff meeting, so I spent the greater part of my mid-afternoon copying pictures off CDs and renaming them and sending them to my sister.

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