Anne (netmouse) wrote,

General Update

I'm pretty tired.

Yesterday (my Sunday in a way) I slept in and finished my book and then checked email for the first time since Friday, really. computer things took me to 1:30 when I finally jumped in the shower and then headed to my chiropractic appointment in Howell, grabbing a burger on the way. That appointment went faster than I expected, and I made good time to Troy.

I had a 6 pm meeting scheduled with the ConFusion Hotel sales people. I got to the area around 4:15, so I toured the Drury Inn, and the Residence Inn and also ran over to Office Max to get a new ink cartridge for my printer. On the way I noticed a little "Paper Party Store" that has lots of party decorating supplies and will be added to the party shopping guide for confusion. (corner of 14 mile and Rochester)

The hotel want to raise their rate by $5 for next year, but they're willing to have us lock in that rate for two years running. They want to help us grow the event. I told them I thought it could reasonably grow by a couple hundred but I thought at this point the worst thing to do if you were trying to grow the event was raise the hotel rate, which was when they offered a two-year hold on the rate. Other contract things seem fine.

I was touring the other nearby hotels because at the Penguicon Concom meeting/ party on Sunday I had it brought to my attention that though the Marriott is not pet friendly, other close hotels are. It looks like we can get a decent group rate at the Drury (which is right across the street from the marriott) without even having to put down a deposit, so I'm going to talk to the AASFA board about it.

renniekins joined us for dinner and afterwards she and I hung out in the restaurant and talked. It was probably the first long talk I've ever had with her, and I really enjoyed it. Time flew and I didn't get out of there until after 11:30. Driving home was really pushing it for me - I had trouble staying alert and my vision got fuzzy by the time I reached Ann Arbor. I stopped in at (markeyisapunk) Mary's to loan her my digital camera and see puppy. That was cool.

Today I was pretty tired but felt I did pretty well at work. We had a good day and I'm making good progress on the inventories to take to the Buyers Market gift show. Then I came home, had some lasagna with Bill, and crashed. I slept until about 12:30, and should go back to bed. I feel like I'm fighting a sore throat now but it pretty much feels like the one I've been fighting since december, I just got overtired and that pushed me back to coughing a little this morning.

The ConFusion wrap-up meeting is Friday the 13th here at the house and then on the 14th I go to Philly for two days. I haven't made any progress in terms of planning to see friends there. I kind of feel like I should have dinner with my boss on Sunday after we do the Gift Show thing. I was thinking maybe I'd go visit with friends after dinner but with how tired I am now, that could be pushing it.

Anyway I have an AWC meeting with Menlo at 8:30 tomorrow, so I should go back to sleep. I hope everyone is healthy and well tonight.

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