Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Save Puppy update

I spoke to Mary today. Her cat Puppy has had her surgery and the surgeon felt very positive about the results. They still have to do lab tests on the lump they removed to see if they got all the margins, but things look pretty good. They only had to remove two ribs and the cancer didn't seem to have penetrated into the lung cavity. Puppy is still in the hospital but should be able to come home Thursday or Friday.

The fundraising at our party exceeded Mary's expectations and that was great. Word is the surgery might be $300 more than she was originally thinking (the estimate from the doctors had had a pretty large range before the surgeon saw the cat), which is doable for her, but she's certainly not turning away further donations.

If you go to you can see pictures of puppy and there's a paypal donations button at the bottom of the page.

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