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December Drive for school supplies

One of the most challenging things about being a substitute teacher in the York City School District is that I pretty much have to provide school supplies just like regular teachers, only I have to carry them in with me every day.

Please consider helping out with my school supply wish list:

Another challenge is dealing with the disparity in supplies between the suburban districts and the city. York City’s student population is majority poor and transient — last year 60 % of the kids who finished the year in the school district did not start the year in that school. They do not have PTOs to run wellness drives and most parents cannot afford to send in the pencils, pens, dry erase markers, binders, kleenex, wet wipes, etc. that the suburban parents send a list of in with their students. many students don’t even have backpacks or pencil cases.

in Suburban Middle School, one social studies classroom has ten chess sets and lots of other board games. in the City, the middle schoolers I sub for most often share a single chess set, four Uno decks, and two decks of regular playing cards between multiple classrooms.

In Dallastown, every math class starts with problems on a personal dry erase board or on their computers. in the city, the kids don’t have their own computers, and the classroom might have the boards but be completely out of dry erase markers. This dramatically affects my ability as a substitute both to teach and to manage the classroom.

I have made this list based on two years of experience subbing in both inner city and suburban districts. please help.

Please help.

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