Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Rosie and Chu

Not long after it came out, Neil Gaiman sent Rosie a copy of Chu's Day. He signed it to her and drew a little bird inside, advising her to "make big things." When we first read it, she immediately remembered that she had a stuffed panda bear, and asked me to get it. I thought it was cute, her playing with the panda, so I recorded a video. There was music playing at the time, and then the audience claps, so her voice is kind of quiet, so I put it in my "learn to edit and improve this" file and never got back to it. But I just looked at it this morning while doing something else and thought it was worth sharing anyway.

(Youtube jumps straight into my other videos after that, which are also generally of Rosie...)
Tags: books, parenting, rosie

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