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Zer Netmouse
December 4th, 2014
09:01 am


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What I want for my Birthday
I was thinking a bit about what I want for my birthday. Aside from Time to do all the things I keep meaning to get to, world peace, and for cops to stop killing people inappropriately and then lying about it, I want a rotating compost bin, which Brian is making for me, a rain barrel, which is also in the works, a king-size bed, and for my desk chair to stop losing air when I'm away from it (it has a Sitting Ghost, I think).

I'd also like Lego Mindstorms. Or maybe to go back in time and have received Lego technics as a kid. :P

And I'd really love a hoverdrone with automatic follow that can video me and my daughter so a) I'd sometimes show up in pictures and b) I would be able to just be in the moment without bringing out a camera to capture it too.

I always like nifty stationary. And good music to dance to (recommendations of good music to dance to are appreciated as well.)

I have a *lot* of books on my To Read shelf already, but there are still plenty on my Amazon wish list.

But I am also deeply thankful for all that I already have, including a loving, capable, fun, and communicative husband, supportive and loving parents and siblings, terrific friends, and an amazing kiddo.

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