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Some of the Programming at Detcon1 featuring Diversity and Diverse Panelists

Detcon1 starts tomorrow! The whole program is online. I was just reviewing it and wanted to call out some of the programming that I am particularly pleased to see, featuring diverse panelists or discussions of diversity. (Note: Brian will be on Real Geek Girls at 5 PM on Friday and I will be moderating the What's New About Fandom's Diversity? panel at noon on Saturday. We will be attending Friday PM and Saturday and leaving Sunday morning. Then we move our household to York, PA on July 26.) I'm happy to note that this is not even all the panels our panelists of color are doing, just as much as I had time to pull out.

Thanks to everyone who is coming out and taking part, especially Pablo Vasquez, who has helped behind the scenes in the diversity effort, as well as on the Afrofuturism program, and Diana Pho, who interviewed Detcon1 about things we did to promote Diversity on, and also Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, who was on the diversity board and arranged that interview. Special thanks also to Sal Palland, for coming in just when my energy was getting low and putting some joy back into the process - resulting in part in the awesome postcard we made the promote Detcon1 in the Detroit area. Oh, and huge appreciation to John Picacio for being stellar to work with as always, and giving us so much diverse art to work with. Our T-shirt even features a kick-ass female character! I never get T-shirts, but I'm getting this one.

There are more people we hoped to have on the program that sadly had to back out, but I am still pleased to see .


4 PM Thursday - Welcome to the SF Community: Enjoying the NASFiC - Nicolet A
Joel Zakem (m), John Hertz, Nicki Lynch, Pablo M.A Vazquez III
(Neos) An orientation seminar on what this event is about and what to do this weekend to make the most of it. Have fun!

5 PM Thursday - Kaffeeklatsch: Steven Barnes - KaffeeKlatsch 1
A small group discussion led by Author GoH Steven Barnes. Your opportunity for a more informal discussion
with one of our guests. (Limited seating. Sign up at Info Desk.)

8 PM Thursday - Opening Ceremonies - Ambassador Salon 1
Arthur D. Hlavaty, Bernadette Bosky, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Fred Prophet, Helen Greiner, Jim C. Hines, John Picacio, Jon Davis, Kevin J. Maroney, Nnedi Okorafor, Roger Sims, Steven Barnes, Tammy Coxen, Tim Miller, Tom Smith
Our Masters of Ceremony officially open their own, inimitable fashion. (1:30)


10 AM Friday - Going from Book to Movie: Adaptation - Mackinac West
Al Bouchard, Elektra Hammond, Lisa Padol (m), Steven Barnes
Why does Hollywood have trouble translating books, comics, etc. into movies & TV shows? Is it inherent in the original texts or in the process/constraints of adaptation? Which have succeeded and which have failed? What would we like to see adapted?

11 AM Friday Steven Barnes Reads - Nicolet B
Detcon1 Guest of Honor Steven Barnes reads selections from his work.

11 AM Friday - Teens: Nnedi Okorafor Reading and Q&A - Duluth A
Come hear a short reading by YA Special Guest Nnedi Okorafor, followed by an opportunity to ask questions about her writing, her experiences, and her career.

NOON Friday - Danger Word: Screening and Q&A - Film Festival Room, 1st Floor
A special screening of Danger Word, the short film written by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due, introduced by the screenwriters and followed by a short Q&A. A 13-year-old girl and her grandfather, hiding out in a wooded cabin after a plague, meet the challenge of their lives when her birthday trip to a trading post goes horribly awry.

NOON Friday - The League of Extraordinary Black People - Mackinac West
Balogun Ojetade, Diana M. Pho, Emmy Jackson (m), Pablo M.A Vazquez III, Salathiel Palland
Multiculturalism has become a hot topic in the XYZ-punk community. How does this impact creators and their work in Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Alternate History? What issues arise in moving toward a more diverse retrofuturistic community?

Noon Friday - Future of Art and Artists in SF/F - Ambassador Salon 1
Carl Lundgren, John Picacio (m)
Traditional and digital publishing are constantly and rapidly evolving in SF/F. Publishers disappear and merge. Smaller ones arise. What are the implications for the visual arts in SF/F? Can artists make a living or are they migrating for their livelihoods? Pro artists discuss how they've evolved with the latest changes in publishing, creating revenue streams and art opportunities.

1 PM Friday - Kaffeeklatsch: Keith D. Young - KaffeeKlatsch 1
A small group discussion led by Detroit designer and educator Keith D. Young. Your opportunity for a more informal discussion with one of our participants. (Limited seating. Sign up at Info Desk.)

2 PM Friday - Nnedi Okorafor Reads - Joliet A
YA Author Special Guest Nnedi Okorafor reads from her work.

2 PM Friday - Minority Characters in Comics - Mackinac West
Doselle Young, Juan Sanmiguel, Keri Bas, Oz Wilson Jr. (m)
An exploration of all the awesome minority characters in comics, both in popular and indie works!

2 PM Friday - Dealing with Bad Apples - Ambassador Salon 2
Diana M. Pho, Jesi Pershing, John Scalzi, Mark Oshiro, Steven H Silver (m)
Trolls, creepers, or just plain jerks. We've all encountered them at cons and online. Panelists discuss tools—like comment moderation and harassment policies—for keeping foul and prejudiced people from chasing others out of our community spaces, events, and organizations. And what to do when "they" are "us."

2 PM Friday - Loteria! with John Picacio - Nicolet B
Multiple rounds of the traditional game of chance, Loteria... aka Mexican Bingo! Hosted by John Picacio, and featuring lots of book and art prizes for the winners.

3 PM Friday - Current Voices: LGBT Authors & Artists - Ambassador Salon 2
Claire Humphrey, Gregory Gadow, Jacqueline Carey, Mark Oshiro, Traci Castleberry
Our panelists discuss and recommend recent science fiction and fantasy from LGBT creators.

3 PM Friday - Teens: Steampunk Style - Duluth A
Balogun Ojetade, Diana M. Pho, Janine
What makes a costume "steampunk"? What props do you need to do it right? Why is steampunk the hottest costuming craze right now?

4-6 PM Friday - Fans of Color Meetup - Suite Rm 6903 (69th floor)
An opportunity for fans of color to get together, meet each other, and socialize in a comfortable environment. Hosted by Pablo M.A Vazquez III

4 PM Friday - Teens Talk to... Comics Creators - Duluth A
Dan Berger, Doselle Young
Our panel of comics creators talks about their work and answers your questions!

5 PM Friday - Reading Octavia Butler - Mackinac West
adrienne maree brown, Ellen Denham, Keith D. Young, Nnedi Okorafor, Steven Shaviro (m), Tananarive Due
If you've never read Octavia Butler, where should you start? Our panelists share their favorites, and discuss her influence on the genre.

5 PM Friday - Real Geek Girls - Nicolet A
Aurora Celeste (m), Brian Gray, Doselle Young, Jesi Pershing, Lizzie Crowe
The notion that there's such a thing as a "fake geek girl" is so ridiculous we're not even going to waste time discussing it. Instead, panelists and audience members alike are invited to talk about their favorite geeky women: cosplayers, gamers, comics fans, bloggers, and more.

8-10 PM Friday - Meet the Pros Mass Autographing and Reception - Ambassador Salon 2
Come to the Ambassador Ballroom to meet authors, artists, musicians, and others, and have them sign their works! The amount of talent in one place will be astounding. The signing will be accompanied by a reception, sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), and a cash bar.

9 PM Friday -1 AM Saturday Detroit Dance with DJ Vourteque - Mackinac East
DJ Vorteque spins the history of Detroit motown, rock, disco, and techno via vinyl and his hand-crafted one-of-a-kind steampunk DJ rig. Expect Diana Ross, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Iggy Pop, Parliament Funkadelic, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, MC5, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and his own electroswing cover of Magic Dance, to name a few.


9 AM Saturday - Tai Chi with Steven Barnes - Ambassador Salon 3
Join Author GoH Steven Barnes for a Tai Chi demonstration/workout. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!

10 AM Saturday - Octavia's Brood: Spec Fic & Social Justice - Ambassador Salon 1
adrienne maree brown, Nnedi Okorafor, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due
Octavia's Brood is a forthcoming anthology of visionary speculative fiction by organizers and activists and essays about the radical potential of science fiction. Our panelists discuss science fiction as a venue for exploring social justice and social change.

10 AM Saturday - Fans and Their Faiths - Ambassador Salon 2
Denice Brown, Dina S. Krause, Moshe Yudowsky, Pablo M.A Vazquez III, Tracy Lunquist (m)
Agnostic, Atheist, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, Jew... Ghuist, Fooist, Herbangelist, Rosconian... The religions of fandom are varied. What is the intersection between faith, science fiction, and fandom?

11 AM Saturday - Afrofuturism & Music - Marquette
Elwin Cotman, Pablo M.A Vazquez III, Steven Shaviro
Afrofuturist musicians such as Sun Ra, Janelle Monet, and Deltron 3030 tell stories of detailed future worlds over the course of years of songs. Panelists will play & discuss awesome modern Afrofuturist music and will also discuss how Afrofuturism has developed as a musical expression.

11 AM Saturday - The Art of John Picacio - Ambassador Salon 1
Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio presents a slideshow and Q&A, revealing the making of his latest cover and product artworks, including his new Loteria card art for Lone Boy.

NOON Saturday - Kaffeeklatsch: Tobias S. Buckell - KaffeeKlatsch 1
A small group discussion led by author Tobias S. Buckell. Your opportunity for a more informal discussion with one of our participants. (Limited seating. Sign up at Info Desk.)

NOON Saturday - What's New About Fandom's Diversity? - Ambassador Salon 2
Anne Gray (m), Isabel Schechter, Juan Sanmiguel, Mark Oshiro, Pablo M.A Vazquez III, Richard F Dutcher
The very first SF club met in 1929 at the Harlem home of its president, Warren Fitzgerald. Along with Fitzgerald, who was presumed to be African American, the founding members were five Jewish kids and one white guy. It's no longer exclusively male or heterosexual, but the racial makeup of congoers is still much whiter than the U.S. population. For decades, fans have debated whether fandom poses higher barriers to some minorities than to others; are there any new answers?

1 PM Saturday - Lifewriting and Other Personal Development Tools - Ambassador Salon 1
Steven Barnes
Improving yourself, your life, or your creative work—Steve Barnes shares his thoughts and experiences with Lifewriting and other personal development technologies.

1 PM Saturday - How Science Fiction Ties into Comics - Ambassador Salon 2
Keri Bas, Kevin J. Maroney, Oz Wilson Jr. (m), Steven Shaviro
Beyond the question of comics telling SFF stories, how are SFF and comics related? Historically, how have the two industries interacted, and how have different media influenced one another? Who has worked in both industries? How do the fandoms relate and/or interact?

1 PM Saturday - New Voices: Written SF/F/H - Nicolet A
Cliff Winnig (m), David G. Hartwell, Elwin Cotman, Salathiel Palland
Our panelists share their thoughts on the writers, trends, and best works of 21st century written SF/F/H.

4 PM Saturday - Afrofuturism & Literature - Mackinac West
Balogun Ojetade, Elwin Cotman (m), Keith D. Young, Nnedi Okorafor, Salathiel Palland, Steven Shaviro
First coined by Mark Dery in 1993, the term Afrofuturism is applied to a cultural and literary movement of the black diaspora which uses technology, science, and science fiction to explore the black experience. Our panelists discuss trends and themes in Afrofuturism, and recommend their favorite works.

4 PM Saturday - Women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Nicolet A
Keri Bas, Laura Hawks (m), Rachael Acks, Steven Harper
The Marvel Cinematic Universe and its associated television titles are full of highly competent, talented women who move in a world of men. Women regularly save the day, from Black Widow in Avengers to Pepper Potts in the Iron Man franchise. How does Marvel excel at putting women on screen in superhero movies? Where could they show improvement? Panelists will discuss issues of presentation, diversity, and cultural expectations as they examine the many marvelous women of the MCU.

6 PM Saturday - Crowdfunding: A New Path to Possibility - Nicolet B
Bryan Thomas Schmidt, JF Garrard, Raechel Henderson, Sarah Hans (m) Discussion of crowdfunding and how it opens doors for writers, editors, and small press, as well as other creators.

8-10 PM Saturday Extravaganza— Masquerade & Literary Awards - Ambassador Salon 2
Helen Gbala, Nnedi Okorafor, Tom Smith, Jim C. Hines
The Detcon1 Masquerade will be followed by the presentation of the Golden Ducks and the Detcon1 Awards for Middle Grade and Young Adult Speculative Fiction. The evening wraps up with the announcement of the Masquerade Awards.


9 AM Sunday - Tai Chi with Steven Barnes - Ambassador Salon 3
Join Author GoH Steven Barnes for a Tai Chi demonstration/workout. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move!

1 PM Sunday - Technological Dependence - Nicolet A
Forest Handford (m), Helen Greiner, Sandy Manning, Steven Shaviro, Tobias S. Buckell
Are we becoming Cybermen with all our technology? From the use of bluetooth ear pieces to online distance relationships, is our society becoming too technology dependent?

2 PM Sunday - Closing Ceremonies - Ambassador Salon 1
(All Guests of Honor)

Hope to see you there!

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