Anne (netmouse) wrote,

A very long day

Brian left for a conference in New Mexico at 5:15 this morning. I never got back to sleep.

For a little while I was just awake, taking advantage of time by myself to read, hit the bathroom, have half a banana, chat with a friend in a different timezone by text. Told that friend I should try to get some more sleep at 6:20. At 6:23 the child roused. Then she needed me to search for her new doll (a small fig of an American Girl Doll that came with a recent happy meal). Then a story. Then she wanted a banana. Then I was hopeful she would go back to sleep. But she didn't. I cuddled with her. I rubbed her back. No such luck.

Around 7:30 I declared it a lost cause. By 8:30 I had loaded the dishwasher and cooked a breakfast of sausage links, cheesy scrambled eggs, and blackberries. I got her dressed and took a shower, started the dishwasher, and sorted the dirty laundry by 10:30. Then I did the breakfast dishes and the dishes from the previous night's dinner, when a friend had joined us for his birthday.

All through doing dishes, Rosie pestered me to come play with her, but when I finished she immediately asked to watch Sid the Science Kid, so I let her do that for a bit. While she did that I fixed her a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and made myself a lunch of leftovers from the night before plus boiled Brussels sprouts. In honor of her science interest I cut her sandwich and watermelon in triangles. She seemed confused about the why of that. Over lunch we read books.

After that I put in a load of laundry, with a little help from Rosie. And I worked on a rhinestone project I had going, of making a shooting star in white 3mm hot set gems on the front of an otherwise completely blank red shirt.

By 1:15 we were getting ready in earnest to go to the peony garden at the Nichol's Arboretum and meet some friends. right after I got in the car and got going, I received a text from said friend, showing me there was a chinese vocal performance at the peony gardens at 2.

Parking was packed. But we made it, and mostly had a good time, but Rosie had a dramatic FallApart due in part, I think, to being overheated.
And we spent an hour more there than I had planned.

Then we met up with the actual birthday party of the friend who'd been over the night before. And there was amazing carrot cake, and shade, and some getting off my feet, and limeade and snacks, and a play structure for Rosie to spend most of the time on. It was good.

And then rushed home to get a pork roast in the oven and cook dinner 'cause my parents were coming over. Decided to throw fruit over it - peach ginger preserves on top, canned pears, fresh apple and apricots, with a rub of ginger, cinnamin, salt and pepper on the meat and some cinnamin and sugar sprinkled over the fruit when I added it 40 minutes into the roasting. Paused to have a 20-minute video call with Brian (and Rosie). finished the green beans and couscous with help from mom and dad, who had made a salad. Then served dinner, & had a nice meal.

Then Rosie wanted to go roller skating, which she did, with help, only rolling over my feet a few times. Then I drew her a bath and Grandma gave her a bath while I changed the laundry and worked on taking recycleables out to the curb.

Then finished getting the kiddo to sleep while my parents left..

Then did all the dinner dishes (mostly), took out the garbage, and went to bed.

With a small detour to type this post.


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