Anne (netmouse) wrote,

A "quiet" day

Well, for a day of downtime I was actually on my feet a lot but it was all low stress stuff, so that was good. Did some cooking and some conrunning and some sweeping and a lot of dishes and some cooking and weeding and laundry and more cooking and lots more dishes (we have dishes left, still, from Mother's day.. it's been a rough week) and more laundry and now I fall over, eh?

In the meantime, Brian went Medieval on his lifelong foe, Buckthorn, clearing a whole tree of it out of the lilac in the back yard, plus some other pruning and clearing some dead branches off a honeysuckle in the back. I had asked him to prune that tree to open up more light for an azalea bush that Rosie picked out for me for Mother's day that I'm planning to plant between the lilacs and the peonies. Then we decided to just cut it out. Then he kept going. Eventually his friend Chris came over to help cut up the trees and branches and haul to the front. Five hours after Brian first started on it, Chris stayed for dinner and Brian started having to ice his right hand 'cause it was stiff from sawing and clipping. Momentary request turns into epic task, and there's still a pile of stuff left in the back yard to clear. Oughta watch out for that.

But it was a nice day, and the Lilac and space around it looks MUCH better. And it was a nice dinner too, and Rosie enjoyed having some time with her uncle Chris while Brian and I finished getting dinner ready. Hopefully tomorrow Brian will be up for some of the in-house work we have left (if his hand is functioning), and I'll get out of the house more. After all, there appear to be some branches to cut up, and then there's that bush to plant, and a whole bunch of buckthorn saplings and other scrub trees to dig out to help preserve the old tree next to the back deck...

Even though we're just renting, we do still try to be good custodians of the Earth. I mean, that's really lifelong, isn't it? Just because our time here is brief doesn't mean we should be poor caretakers. And we will enjoy these specific improvements from now until we move on, after which we hope others will enjoy them.

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