Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I just spent about an hour darning socks. That's 2 of my socks with small holes in the ankle, and 1 of Rosie's with a big hole in the heel. The first part was because I need the socks. The second was because I need the practice and the weave on that sock was nice and obvious. Also, I already had the right color thread.

I am getting both faster and better at darning, though I'll note that in both cases, the biggest factor appears to be good lighting. Rosie is catching on. When I noticed my socks had holes in them, she immediately announced that now I had to darn them. I love how her vocabulary is expanding. Brian told me she used "stable" in a sentence correctly when they were building with blocks earlier today too.

The bonus result of staying up darning socks is that the dishwasher finished running and I could open it and tip over various items so they'll actually be dry in the morning. Falling over time for me now.

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