Anne (netmouse) wrote,

a prett decent christmas day for a family full of sickos

My mom is on antibiotics and Bill, Dad, and I are all getting over various illnesses. My sister bravely flew in yesterday morning to have Christmas with us all. we got about halfway through it yesterday... it was a very slow day.

Bill picked Sarah up at the airport at 11 while I did some last-minute cleaning. Then he cooked bacon, sausage, and popovers for breakfast while sarah and I worked on wrapping - I because I have just been slow to get things wrapped, and Sarah because she was flying and so didn't wrap anything beforehand (and they did search her bag, it turned out). Mom and dad were expected to join us for brunch but they called to say they weren't moving that fast. this was the cue for the rest of the day. I had been moving pretty fast, until we ate brunch at about 1:30 - I had added some eggs and cut up oranges and it was a nice meal with lots of leftover sausage and bacon to take to mom and dad's.

Then I did the dishes while Sarah and Bill did some wrapping I wasn't supposed to see, and I crashed- litterally. went downstairs to get the laundry out of the dryer, carried it upstairs to the bedroom, and fell on the bed, trying not to hyperventilate. That had been four of the most active hours of my week, and I was over the energy rush of having my sister coming. Shortly after that, we packed everything in the car and headed over to mom and dad's. There was some delay as we couldn't find my new digital camera. hopefully it will show up today. I was pretty groggy and doubt I could have been very effective looking for it.

At mom and dad's we got a very slow start. mom disappeared while we all sat in the living room. Then we had too look at photos from Thanksgiving and my nephew's wedding. Then she got us started on choosing "libations" and mom and dad and sarah disappeared. Bill started reading my Thesis, the bound copy of which was under the cofee table, and I went through our wedding album, which was also there. I found out Sarah was downstairs wrapping things for mom, and went down to hang out with her and wrap the furbies to give to mom and dad.

This was part of Bill's and my Christmas Shopping trip to KB Toys back when they had their "you win" 30% off sale. Furbies for $3 each. The plan was to put in batteries and then wrap them, let them go to sleep, and put them under the tree. It worked, but it was very funny putting the furbies back in the boxes and wrapping them once they had their batteries in. They kept going "whooao" and "yoo-hoo!" as the got tilted and turned upside-down. :)

So we got upstairs and we unwrapped a round of presents. Then we had a speaker-phone call to Nancy (Bill's mom). Dad got a plane-shapped kite from Sarah, which he promptly started assembling. Then greg called and thought I was Sarah when I answered the phone, which is always good for a chuckle. we put him on speakerphone for a while too. then mom had to go fix the jumbo shrimp and two kinds of cocktail sauce. Then dad disappeared for a while. then we all got back together, opened a few more presents, and by then it was 9:00 and though we had long ago decided to bag the formal dinner, some people were hungry so we stopped and went to the kitchen to graze. Sarah dozed on the floor of the living room for a bit, then got up and had a snack, and then we came home. About half of the presents and the fixings for our Christmas dinner are still at mom and dad's -- the plan is to go back there and start again today, and we may or may not have time to go out for a matinee of the last Lord of the Rings before dinner.

(and the stuff I'm coughing up is starting to be a bit greenish, so I might have to go to the doctor.)

I tried to relax into the laid back rythm, but I really found it very frustrating. I enjoy shopping and I was looking forward to seing people's reactions. Also, I did things like wrap pieces of an outfit for mom in multiple boxes and I don't know if it will be the same opening the rest another day.

oh well, we'll see.

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