Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Yesterday on the bus home

I overheard some people talking about Dude, Where's my Country? A woman was raving about it to the man next to her.

She had read Stupid White Men and thought this one was even better, all the things it was saying about Bush and the administration. The next thing she said really caught my attention.

"The one thing I'm afraid of is that he'll get assassinated. I can't imagine they can let him go on saying all these things."

She can't imagine the administration would let someone speak against it so plainly, and sounded like she thought it a serious possibility that they would resort to assassination of a US citizen to shut him up. she didn't really sound upset about it, either. But neither did she sound like she was joking. And the man she was with didn't disagree with her.

This country is fucked.
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