Anne (netmouse) wrote,


I am more sick than I was yesterday. I was feeling nearly well yesterday, though I did take a pretty long nap in the late afternoon, but then this morning I woke up feeling like someone had inserted a brick in my chest and I was supposed to breath through it or perhaps cough it out if I was lucky.

generally I still felt okay, though, so I went to work. when I tried to talk to people, however, I found out I sounded like a frog. later I realized talking hurt. sometimes I would cough, and it sounded really bad. eventually I left work early. Bill cooked me a lovely spaghetti dinner and I laid down and read the whole book Mary gave me for my birthday (it was really quite good) but I don't feel much better.

I'm going to wash my face and steam it a little and try to sleep and most probably take the day off tomorrow, though since I have birthday presents for my boss and main co-worker I might stop in anyway. work wasn't very busy today so unless a miracle occurs in the next five days it looks like there'll be no end of the year bonus.

I sigh.

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