Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Late Night Thoughts on Castle and Science

Just stayed up way too late getting caught up on Castle - the first two episodes of the season.

The pumpkin pie was nice. Oh wait, you didn't get that? I guess that was my living room only. ;)

But I had a big problem with the central premise of the episode.

You see, the tension in the episode is based on the idea that a research lab might have an aerosolized toxin that has an antidote, and the toxin and the antidote get stolen, and then someone gets poisoned, and clearly THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF MAKING THE ANTIDOTE. Not even discussed or considered. Have to find the bad guy, get the stolen antidote. ONLY ANTIDOTE IN THE WORLD.

'Cause research labs don't, like, have records. Or the ability to duplicate their own work. Not to mention medically important supplies stored in more than one place to prevent their researchers from, um, dying. And it took them a while to notice the theft, so one assumes the thief didn't, like, take out the whole lab and all records.

I don't generally mind technical details being wrong in small ways. But this is science. I get that the detective-ing is supposed to save the day, but it would have been nice to at least let science and rational planning have a try too. Or a nod.

A nod would have been nice.

"Science might have been able to fix this except obscure chemical X takes three days to extract" or whatever.

I would have liked that.

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