Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Skinned knee, healing==itching so much!

So almost two weeks ago now, I fell with Rosie on my back in the pack, which put a serious gouge in my left knee. It was healing slowly in Albuquerque. I sometimes put a band-aid on it but mostly just tried to keep it moist w aquaphor or neosporin and wore shorts and kept it from touching things. Then we hit Michigan, and the rainy late spring.

Apparently moist environment==much easier for skin to heal, 'cause my knee has kicked it up a notch, noticably healing and shedding bits of scab, and itching to beat the band. I now have almost a square half inch of bright pink new skin.

And I know that bit of scab in the middle is not ready to come off. But it's working on it 'cause it itches like crazy.

I will not pick it off. I won't!

But I am *so* looking forward to it!
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