Anne (netmouse) wrote,

It's moving time!

Moving is upon us.

Rosie and I fly to MI on Sunday. I pretty much have our bags packed. Brian follows with truck full of household and both cars (and two friends to help drive) on Wednesday. One of those friends arrives this afternoon to help pack. One way or another, it's going to happen.

It's interesting to see Rosie adjusting and having moments of sadness, especially this last week as we see friends for the last time.

She was also sad when Brian went away to a conference for a few days last week, and she was just extra cuddly with him last night as he put her to bed. I think she understands we're going to be apart from him the rest of the week. So sweet to see her love for her daddy.

It's going to be hard on her though -- he's only home one day in MI, then off again to another conference for 3 days.

It's going to be challenging for me too, but I understand more about why and whatnot.

Anyway, we've read a few books about moving over the past year, including one I really like called The Goodbye Day. So I think she understands what's happening. She's a smart kiddo. Going to be 3 in August and she's already as tall and as verbal as most 3-year-olds.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. While Brian was at a conference last Saturday to Tuesday, my sister came for a visit, and we three took a two day trip along the Jemez Scenic Byway/ highway 4 to see pueblos and Bandelier National Monument. It was a great trip that ended dramatically -- after a fun hike around the main loop to see caves carved in the walls of the canyon, navigating steep stairs and climbing up and down 12-ft ladders and such, I twisted my ankle and fell on the mostly flat path 30 ft from the visitor center, paved with rocky asphalt.

I went down forward, with Rosie on my back in the pack.

I hit with my knees and hands and I thought I had it, but her weight kept going over my head, and bowled me over. I ducked my head and planted the top of my head in the asphalt but I couldn't stop Rosie from hitting the ground. Luckily Sarah caught the pack right about then by the handle on the back, So Rosie got only superficial scrapes on her face, without her weight behind them. She has a tiny perfect red spot right on the end of her nose... I think here's where we bless our stars that toddler noses are still mostly cartilage... She says neither her nose nor her neck are hurting.

She was mostly just shocked, and I was mostly just scared for her until I knew she was ok. I have a skinned knee and a lightly sprained ankle that I was able to walk on right away. Some truly lovely people-- two chiropractors -- stopped to take care of us, helped me over to a nearby picnic table, helped clean us up and apply bandages, got us ice and water and such. We used Brian's first aid kit to good effect. Helpful to have an eagle scout in the family!

It was ok. We were ok. Later in the week she woke up hungry in the middle of the night and I sat with her. The subject of the weekend trip came up.

"I was brave to ride in the backpack," she said.
"Mm-hmm," I answered.
"We fell. It was bad."
"Mm-hmm," I said again.
"I did a good job taking care of momma."
"Yes, you did!" I said, and gave her a big hug.

She also had her last day at her preschool. Lots of goodbyes. Her teachers gave her really nice cards we will save for her.

I've had some moments of sadness too, of course. We have made some really good friends here. And it's been a good house, with huge bedrooms that have frankly spoiled us. But the new house in Ypsi will be a good house too.

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