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Goings on of the day (We will be moving back to MI the week of Memorial Day)

Her first pow-wow blingMany friends are attending Penguicon this weekend. We're not going; still in New Mexico.

Today Brian and I took Rosie to her first pow-wow, the massive Gathering of Nations on the UNM campus. It was impressive how many different tribes were represented --including some from Hawaii-- and Rosie got her first introduction to ceremonial regalia, dancing, and the sound of the big drums and singing groups. I was glad we went. We got a few gifts, including an anniversary gift from me to Brian, and a cute little hair clip for Rosie (pictured).

I also called my parents to talk them into taking Rosie for the weekend of Worldcon so I can go to support the Detroit in 2014 NASFiC bid effort. They said yes, so hopefully I'll be going to San Antonio!

First bookshelf emptied Otherwise: beginning to pack for our move back to Michigan at the end of May. This weekend we're mostly packing books. We've cleared two of the smaller bookshelves (the one shown plus my paperback bookshelf), which we estimate to be roughly 1/10th of our books. Mom and dad are trying to talk us into shipping our books ahead. If I could figure out the optimal cost size box to send book rate I would have a better idea whether or not that's a good idea.

I can't believe it, but I've already gotten sick of people asking me, "So, are you all packed?"

No, we are not all packed. We still have a whole month of living here to do.

But we *are* working on packing things we do not use on a daily basis. And sorting things. And still with the getting rid of things. Just yesterday I sold a pair of crutches to a very appreciative woman with a fractured ankle via Craigslist. (I had gotten them via insurance when I badly sprained my ankle last year and tore the ligaments a bit. -- here's hoping I do not need crutches again any time soon).

But anyway, we have a house to rent, we have good friends to help us move, and we are planning to be out of here by the end of May. Final packing push Memorial Day weekend, then Rosie and I are flying to MI and Brian and friends will drive our cars and a truck across country after they get the house cleared and cleaned out. Soooo grateful for good friends.

They expect to take approximately three days for the drive, so we move in to our new house in Ypsi May 31st & June 1st. Then Brian leaves for a three-day conference in Atlanta. Whee! Then he comes back and goes Thud. And starts work in MI on the following Monday.


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