Anne (netmouse) wrote,

progress in spurts

Today I did not get a lot done, but at least some of it was preparatory to packing - sorting Rosie's books by size, sorting some other things. I also got the guest bathroom (Rosie's bathroom) cleaned - the sink, the toilet, the mirrors, and the windows of the little cabinet above the toilet, the floor swept and mopped. It cheers me immensely to have that clean.

Brian does not seem to get the same lift that I do out of cleanliness. He cleans, it just seems to be something different for him, which shows in things like how he'll do the dishes but not necessarily wipe down the sink and counters. To him, he's doing the dishes - an important, but isolated task. To me, when I'm doing the dishes, it's about cleaning the kitchen; even if I don't get all the dishes clean, I'll still often clean the counters and the sink. To get that sparkly clean niceness.

Does that sort of thing cheer you up?

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