Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Don't your day-to-day concerns suddenly seem kind of petty when you see a picture of a marathon runner who just had their leg shattered by a bomb?

I find myself thankful that trained first responders and the Boston bomb squad were out there saving lives today. I find myself vaguely grateful that whoever did this was not more competent at it. I wonder who was in those VIP bleachers and whether or not this was directed at them.

But mostly my heart goes out to those runners and their families.

May all the critically wounded cases pull through, and the injured recover to run again.

May the coward(s) who actually did this be caught and face justice.

And may all the people here in our country, visitors and citizens, who might for whatever reason resemble groups of people who have committed acts of terrorism on us in the past be safe from stupid acts of vigilanti violence by racists looking for an excuse to lash out.

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