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I'm starting to look for work (at least part-time) as we prepare to move back to Ann Arbor. As part of that process, I have started to put together a list of my publications. I'm still working on the list of my professional publications, but I *think* I have a complete list of items (not including Letters of Comment, or LoCs) published in Fanzines. (If you think of any omissions, please let me know.) I'm not including editorials for the fanzines I've edited, and of course I've written articles for progress reports and convention program books, which is also fanwriting. But I'm sticking to internal fanzine content, here.

TAFF Reports etc:
    "Anne and Brian for TAFF," The Drink Tank Issue 231: TAFF in Action [PDF], ed. by Chris Garcia, 2009

    "Anne and Brian Trip Through Corflu", Argentus 10 [PDF] ed. Steven H Silver, December 2010

    "221b Baker Street; Fictional Flat a Monument to The Great Sleuth", by Anne [and Brian] Gray, Journey Planet 11, [PDF] ed. James Bacon and Chris Garcia, December 2011

Other Fanzine Publications:
    "Invitation and Maintenance of Guests of Honor," MidFanzine 1: First Steps [PDF] ed. by Anne KG Murphy. Fall 2002

    "Rumors of SFOHA's Demise Highly Exaggerated," Sleight of Hand 1, [PDF] ed. by John Teehan. Spring/Summer 2002

    "And Then I May Go" (poem), MidFanzine 2: Explorations [PDF] ed. by Anne KG Murphy. Spring 2003

    "Reflections on Torcon 3," MidFanzine 3: Impressions [PDF] ed. by Anne KG Murphy. Summer 2004

    "The Smoking Music Room Party Begins," in 59 Minutes of ConFusion: A One-Hour, One-Shot Fanzine from ConFusion 31, [PDF] ed. by Jason Ahlquist, Lenny Bailes, and Geri Sullivan. 2-3 pm, January 22, 2005

    "Hotel Liaising for your ConCom: Information Flow," "Top Ten Things Your Hotel Can Do For You," "Welcoming a Diverse Community to Your Con," MidFanzine 4: Next Steps. [PDF] ed. by Anne KG Murphy. Fall 2009

    "Women in Space: the Program that Almost Started 20 Years Earlier," Journey Planet 7, [PDF] ed. By Chris Garcia, James Bacon, Claire Brialey, Pete Young, July 2010

    "Getting Involved in Art @ Renovation," Drink Tank 265, [PDF] ed. By Chris Garcia and James Bacon, Nov 2010

    "Promoting Cord Blood Donation," MidFanzine #5: Onward! [PDF], ed. by Anne K. Gray. November 2010

    "SF Wiki Gardening: Got a Digital Thumb?" Drink Tank 300, p. 160. [PDF] ed. Chris Garcia and James Bacon, November 2011 With complete links)

    "Aiming for Gender Parity is a Positive Process," Journey Planet 13, [PDF] ed. by Chris Garcia and James Bacon, with guest editors Helen Montgomery and Emma J. King, July 2012

One of these I discovered by searching, which continues to be an essential and wonderful site. Most of these .pdf links lead there as well.

While I do like Drink Tank and Journey Planet as fanzines, I feel I should note that the main reason I keep writing for them is I keep getting invited to do so. I'm interested in writing for others, I'm just less sure what anybody else might like to receive from me. If you might like for me to write for your fanzine, sending me your theme or some topic suggestions and a deadline 1-3 months ahead of time *seriously* increases the chances I'll write something. Editorial requests. They work. :)

Edited to Add: I just realized I left out reviews I did for Emerald City. I was on staff of the 'zine at the time, but of course it's not like we were getting paid... it was all a labor of love.

That was a lot more than I remembered writing.

ETA: I have now posted a page on my website for this kind of material.

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