Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Thoughts on nominating for the Hugo Awards

I found myself musing today on the fact that while Hugo voting is ranked, nominating is not. Meaning it is possible to have one of your nominations knock another of your nominees off the ballot in a close contest.

For myself, this is part of why I am disinclined to nominate people who have already received the award in that category. I believe there is a lot of excellence in sf, and even if someone continues to be a favorite of mine, I'd like more people to get the same well-deserved recognition. Every time someone nominates a person who is frequently nominated and well-known, that raises the bar for others who are up and coming but possibly just as excellent.

This year, I noticed that my strong desire to see particular nominees on the ballot in same cases led me to put fewer than 5 nominees in a category, especially ones that are historically under-nominated and the numbers are therefore closer together. Correspondingly, I find there are rarely nominees on the ballot in those categories I'm disappointed with.

In well-nominated categories like best short story, on the other hand, I make sure to nominate a full slate, as there are so many excellent options, yet every year I see one or two nominees make the ballot that are disappointing if not outright embarassing.

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