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  • A belated Happy New Year to everyone. I have been sort of dragged down these holidays by various illnesses in the family, plus nights of having to stay up late to prepare for said holidays, but on the whole everything's gone pretty well despite The Sick.

  • This whole fall season I have actually gotten out to see three movies.
    1) Argo, about how a US agent rescued a group of U.S. Embassy staffers who managed not to be captured in Iran when the embassy was taken hostage, by creating a pretend movie production that was scouting locations in Iran and sneaking them out as his crew. (I liked most of the movie except I kept expecting to see some mention of the book the Argo script was based on (ETA: Lord of Light, by Roger Zelazny; As a geek, I still would have liked to have seen or heard Zelazny get a name-check in the film) and never did, and my least favorite part of the film was the ending where there were enough "this was obviously just put in there to raise the tension of an already-tense moment" factors that my faith that what I was seeing was based on real events was completely blown, and I was no longer engaged with the movie. I even looked it up later, and no, none of the events that caused that feeling really happened. Trying Too Hard to make a Thriller and Ruining Everything. Sad.)
    2) Lincoln, which was also on the whole interesting, especially the depiction of Lincoln as father. I had not remembered that they lost their middle son during that timeframe. Very slow film, though, such that I sometimes found myself just sitting there looking at his face wondering how the makeup was done. And also, I was sad there was not even any mention of Frederick Douglas.
    3) Les Mis. Terrific performances, lousy cinematography. So close on the actors, at one point Eponine falls to her knees and the camera almost loses her. Also, a fair bit of the vocal punch was taken out of some of the songs to be more - I don't know - dramatically accurate? - because the character was sick, or old, or dying, and I missed the way I've always heard the song. "On my own" and "A little fall of rain" were thankfully not in that set, and I enjoyed them both. But yeah, shakey cam, and only showing the actor's face so much of the time? I could have done without.)

  • We have finally set up our plans to attend ConFusion, and Rosie and I will be in town from Jan 11th to the 21st. Brian is just there for the weekend of the con. Looking forward to seeing many peoples.

  • The one thing I did get a chance to do on New Year's day was make this new LJ icon. I kept looking at my old one and thinking "Rosie doesn't look anything like that anymore." So here's one that's more up to date. She has a head full of frizzy curls and frequently gets compared to Little Orphan Annie. Random waitresses frequently reach out and tousle her hair at restaurants and rant about how pretty her hair is. It's kind of weird. Hopefully she will use this power for good.

  • No New Year's Resolutions in particular, but generally I am trying to get cardio exercise regularly, resume dating my husband (what a concept!), and also get more time to myself when I'm not trying to do something for the household or some volunteer group, etc. Mostly so far I've been using that time to finally type up the data from when I did my study of gender representation in Time magazine. (see intro here). Am surprised to see I wasn't as rigorous I thought in being consistent about what-all I collected. Maybe I've just forgotten what I still needed to do after I added some variables halfway through. Anyway, interesting to go back through it, and looking forward to doing actual number crunching on the whole set, probably next month.

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