Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Unfinished and Prospective Projects; Wellspring

So... now that Rosie has started preschool, I sat down and wrote out a rough list of unfinished and prospective projects I'd like to spend some time on before looking for part-time work.

And, wow, the list was two pages long. On narrow-ruled paper.

I put some time estimates next to things, and that seemed to help, both in making some of it look doable and in figuring out what to tackle first.

I know these two mornings a week are going to go fast, but having them to myself also seems to be improving my mental energy for the end of the day, so I'm getting some more productive time there as well. Rosie's also (knock on wood) starting to sleep a little longer during the night than she was last week, which also improves my overall energy and brain worky-ness. :P

One of the things on my list is to finally publish the fanzine that I'd intended to publish right before I got pregnant and the first month hit me like a ton of bricks (constant low-level nausea and exhaustion). I'd like to start Wellspring and then publish it at least once yearly from now on. But the first issue I definitely have to publish. If nothing else, I owe it to my friend Joe Conat, who made me an awesome cover. I'm sort of afraid to go back and look at the rest of it and in any case I have some higher-priority projects that must come before it, but I'll try to get it out by December, and bring printed copies to ConFusion in January.

If you would like to receive Wellspring by post, drop me a line with your address to akg.netmouse ( @) gmail (dot) com

Oh, and the overall theme of the issue had to do with comics, so if you'd care to review any comics or other graphic stories or write about your relationship to comics, or issues therein, or blather about the graphic stories Hugo category, or whatever, I would welcome articles of that nature as well, preferably to be received no later than October 31st.

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