Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Celebrate New Underwear Week!

Do you have any favorite brands of underwear? Go spoil yourself and get some fresh pairs!

A few years ago I decided that I would try to get myself some new underwear once a year around this time, and I declared a holiday. I believe I posted pictures that first year, which was a year when I was in fabulous shape and feeling grand. :)

Don't know if I'll do that this year, but my current stack of underwear that fits me is certainly looking frayed around the edges, and I've not yet slimmed back down into the fun stuff I bought when I was really in shape, so I think I'm going to honor my silly holiday and get myself something new this next week. Join me in the celebration!

I think there can be something especially cheering and self-indulgent about renewing your own stock of undergarments, and I am now looking forward to doing it.

New underwear Week! Aug 26-Sept 1 this year!

Pass it on!
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