Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Rosie: almost 2!

Clearly I need to create some new icons; Rosie's head is now a mess of curls. The hair on top of her head is almost 5 inches long, even.

I'm also planning to post a new round of pictures on flickr, plus some pictures from this past weekend, which we spent in Georgia at the lodge in Amicalola Falls state park, attending the wedding of a dear college friend. (it was a nice trip, but we're glad we now have no travel planned for a while-now it's time for people to come visit us!)

Actually, what it's time for is to put together Rosie's second birthday party and plans. So far we have invited several local friends to join us at the summer music concert at the botanic garden the thursday before her birthday for food, music and fun, and a small circle of relatives and friends may join us for a google hangout the morning of her birthday (August 18th). For the in-person party, current cultural expectations indicate we need to have party favor gift bags or other take-aways for the kids, so I'm working on that right now. Which I'm having some fun with.

I also want to find a good recipe for a chocolate torte or cake that will work well in small servings. We went to one kid's birthday party where the cake was cutely decorated but tasted terrible. I don't want that. Rosie loves chocolate, so I figure chocolate chip ice cream to go with it.

I also created an amazon wish list for people who would like to send her something and are uninspired, but if anyone just wants to send a card, or something not on the list, here's the address:

Rosalind Gray
5006 Royene Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Printed pictures of our friends and of your kids would be especially appreciated.

I feel kind of awkward saying "hey, it's my kid's birthday--here's how to send her stuff and here's a list." so I want to make it clear we do not expect people to send things, there's no obligation, yatta yatta, and we're definitely not of the mindset that it's important to acrue stuff just to have it. But my parents always ask for a list so I went ahead and made one, so I thought I'd share it more generally, and I do think having physical reminders (like pictures) of friends and family around is really nice. So there's the address, if you are so inclined.

She loves to dance and loves music videos, so music or itunes gift certificates would also, er, rock. :)

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