Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Some days... But... Wow!

So today has been pretty up and down.

Took Rosie to the dentist and got her teeth checked and counted (16! Everything but the 2nd molars), then got some fittings myself while Rosie hung out with the dentist, then took her to Target to get her a necklace to reward her for being so good... (a necklace because she'd been taken by the necklace-like chain that holds the napkin under your chin) And after wandering around in circles a bit and picking up some other things, failed to find a kids necklace but did find a sparkly purple double-wrap multistrand plastic bracelet that can *pretend* to be a necklace, and she likes it and it was only $2 so that's ok.

Left Target only a little late to meet some other moms at the Manzano spray park. Rosie has previously disliked another spray park, so on the way I promised that if this one was a bust we would go to the pool. Meanwhile we had snacks in the car on the way there.

Sure enough, she was very not-crazy about the spray park, so we headed out to catch lunchtime rec swim at the unm pool. On the way there I realized I was sugar crashing so I went through a Carl's junior drive through and picked up a couple chicken wraps for us, which took longer than I'd hoped. She fussed a bit until I threatened to go straight home w no swimming unless she quieted down. We get to UNM, park, rescue the chicken that fell out of Rosie's wrap, wait in line to pay for parking and *sigh* get to the gym only to read the hours and find out I'd misremembered and the pool was closing in 5 minutes.

I sadly told Rosie I'd messed up and the pool was closed. "Closed," she softly repeated after me. I said I was sorry and headed back to the car. Rosie, sensing I was sad, sweetly kissed me on the hand.

So I get back to the car, throw the diaper bag and swim bag and my purse in one side, wait for people to finish getting out of the car next to us, then carry Rosie around to that side and start to put her in her seat, and pause to clear out the mess I realized I sat her in -- the mushy remains of what had once been two peach Newtons before she'd poured water on them. That cleaned up, I closed her door and went around and sat in the driver's seat, grabbing my iphone to try to look up the nearest public pool that was open.

Rosie was whining. "What, sweetie?" I asked, glancing back at her. "Belt," she said, worriedly, "Belt!"

I looked again. There she sat, without her seatbelt fastened, and she was wise enough to know that was wrong, to let me know before I started the car moving.

Not even two years old, and she's already helping catch my mistakes.

So I fastened her belt and took her to Highland pool, which was nice, and now she's napping and I should too, I just wanted to record this for posterity.

Bad that I was sufficiently out of it that I missed fastening her seat belt but isn't it Awesome that she corrected me?

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