Anne (netmouse) wrote,

The process of aiming for Gender Parity

I was invited to write an article for the current issue of Journey Planet on the subject of Gender Parity. My article is on page 55 of what turned out to be a pretty freaking huge 'zine, full of much interesting material, a great deal of which precedes the Gender Parity section, so I hope people will read that far. Or even skip ahead, like I did. :)

I plan to go back and read the women in comics section though. :) (I also recently acquired a copy of Chicks Dig Comics, which I'm in the middle of reading.)

I already read most of the reprinted material in the front section of the 'zine, by Scalzi and Jim Hines, about Privilege, but was interested to see Erin Hoffman's dissenting opinion, as it were, on the gaming metaphor Scalzi put forward and some other ways of explaining privilege to gamers that might take advantage of their particular understandings as gamers. Although I don't think Scalzi *was* mainly targeting his piece at serious gamers, Hoffman's article still makes for an interesting read.

Scalzi himself did mention his article's reprint in Journey Planet, but primarily pointed to the discussion on gender parity, which I appreciated. Especially since, when I was invited to submit to it, I was given to understand that was to be the primary theme of the issue. In any case, comments on his post are an interesting place to see various perspectives on the topic as well though unfortunately a number of commenters are not bothering to click through and read the fanzine before commenting.

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