Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Not Enuff Penguicon visits or Playdates but glad for what we got.

Rosie and I hit Penguicon friday evening and most of Saturday. I feel like we ran into most of the people there I wanted to see, but almost all the visits were too short. The best were probably the ones where people joined me in following Rosie around. But in general I was very glad I went.

We also had a few nice playdates during the week, though again there were people I wanted to see that we didn't get a chance to. In the middle of last week I realized we all needed some down time, and We reserved today and yesterday for unscheduled time with my mom and dad before heading back to New Mexico tomorrow.

If we saw you, it was good to see you. If we didn't, I hope to see you on our next visit, which will be the end of June.

Wish me luck flying with one stopover by myself with a toddler tomorrow...

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