Anne (netmouse) wrote,

In Michigan (yay!) and tired (cough)

So. I and the family threw my mom a surprise birthday party yesterday that included a surprise visit from me, my sister, Brian, and Rosie.

Both surprises caught her completely off guard. :)

We revealed that we were here right before lunch, which we brought with us. When she realized the item dad had in his arms that he had 'run out to pick up' was Rosie, she was speechless. It was great.

During lunch, we told her we had dinner reservations with our good friends, Mark and Sandy. We pushed a little to be on time. Mark and Sandy met us at the door of Webers and Sarah and I led the way to the back of the restaurant and the waiting party of around 30 of mom's dearest friends, including one who flew in from California. Mom was stunned and happy. Got her again!

This has been a lot of fun, including a great visit with Don and Dustin Wenzel and Anne Evans, who hosted us Wed night so we could show up refreshed and happy instead of dragging from a day's travel. By the end of the night yesterday, though, we were exhausted. Not just from keeping up with a kiddo who preffered running around or hitting the dance floor to staying with the party, but also from the travel the day before, and lack of naps.

Rosie traveled well, but only got an hour's nap on the plane, in my arms. Yesterday and today she's had decent naps, but coughing has prevented me from napping with her. I rest, but if I try to sleep I start coughing. So I stay up and catch up on lj... :)

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