Anne (netmouse) wrote,

In Tuscon...

Had a nice day yesterday, with a long afternoon hike and then dinner at my brother's with him and Monica and three out of six kids, plus an extra kid who's a friend of Haylie's. we played Remote Possibilities after dinner and it was fun. David seems a little tense and tired. I would guess he's probably stressing about wanting to impress everyone with clean house and good kids and everything and not realizing we don't need to be impressed.

I got up from the table and cleared off the salad dressing bottles and he said "thank you" in this really suprsed voice. maybe Monica's family doesn't help out when they come over? I don't know. I feel really comfortable with Monica, which is nice.

For those of you who feel like you're coming in mid-stream, we are in Arizona having a thankgsiving family reunion with my dad's family. He has two sons from an earlier marriage, my half-brothers David and Ric. David has five kids from his first marriage (Kim, Lainie, Dane, Haylie, and Tanner) and has remarried to Monica, who has a daughter Haylie's age (10) named Gabrielle. Ric married his high school sweetheart, Mary, and is the oldest of us siblings -- he's turning 40 on December 7. His son Zack is getting married on December 6. He also has a daughter, Jennifer, who attended our wedding with her boyfriend Joey. Today my grandmother is flying in, and then tonight Ric, Mary, Jennifer and Joey, and Zack and Jessica all get here. Tomorrow night my sister is coming in from Florida.

Mom and dad and Bill and I are staying over a little ways south at my aunt Karen's condo community. She's actually my mom's brother's wife, not part of this family reunion. Mom and dad were visiting her last night for dinner and we went with her on the hike. It was a nice hike.

On Thursday my dad will have his mom and all his kids and grandchildren together in one place for the first time, ever. It's very exciting. Some of Monica's family will be here too, so there will be 26 for dinner on Thanksgiving. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that David is stressed.

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