Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Thankful for Thanksgiving. Also: Heat

I meant to do an extended post about Thanksgiving with a link to pictures but I haven't got the pictures up yet. Still, I want to post something before I forget.

We drove to my brother's place near Tucson, AZ the day before Thanksgiving. It was an 8-hour trip via 25 S then 10 W, past many small towns, the most interestingly named of which is "Truth or Consequences". Lunch took longer than it might have because the 1st two restaurants we tried were closed. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, though.

We settled in to Dave's and I stayed up long enough to meet my niece's husband and their son, Aristeyo, who is two months older than Rosie. Kim and Aristeyo stayed until Friday night, and it was really neat watching the two toddlers interact. Especially fun was watching them play with my brother's drumset (or boom-booms, as Aristeyo calls them).

Whether it was copying her cousin or a reaction to the tile floors, Rosie did a lot of walking and almost no crawling while we were there. She also went up to a lot of family members and raised her arms to be picked up, which was really heartwarming--and gave us a break! My brother's Family is full of awesome, and we also fit in a nice visit with my mom's brother Tom and his wife Karen, friday evening.

Saturday we left around 10:30 and headed north to phoenix for a visit with one of Brian's college friends, then on to Flaggstaff for the night. Sunday we had a charming breakfast at the Crowne Railroad Cafe (they have a model train running along the wall, and two train rides for kids at the far end of the cafe, one of which even works!). Then it was a 6-hour trip home along I-40, helped by the fact that Rosie napped for the last two hours. There's a whole lot of rock and desert and not much else between Flagstaff and Albuquerque. And Big Sky. Even as you approach Albuquerque, most of the city is hidden from view until you're pretty close.

We were all glad to get home, despite the fact that the battery had run down on our programmable thermostat and the house had cooled to 54 degrees. It heated up quickly enough once we found replacement batteries, and I ran out to Sunflower market and picked up soup to warm us up further.

We'v had soup twice more this week, in fact, and the outside temperature is supposed to hit the low 30s on Sunday for my birthday. It would still not seem that cold, except for the wind. Winds were averaging 45 mph yesterday and gustong up to 70 mph from what I heard. We'd been planning to check out the Nob Hill shop and stroll, but stayed home in the warm instead. Earlier in the day Rosie had asked for a walk but we only got about a block before turning back. During dinner there qas an odd sound roofward and the furnace shut off, and we were concerned for a bit, but it came back on all right later. We also lost power twice during the day, but only for an instant each time. Still, enough to make one glad for modern comforts!

Hope everyone else had a nice thanksgiving. We're not sure what we're doing for the rest of the holidays, appart from that we're planning to stay here and not travel. We'll be hosting a potluck dinner for Brian's fellow ASERT fellows, then I'm hosting a babies playgroup for a local moms meetup group, plus we're planning to host a family-friendly New Year's eve party ( on GMT so us tired parents can toast the new year at 5 and then put the kids to bed). So we'll make the house festive, make good food and have good company, I'm sure, but we'll also be missing our Michigan family and friends. So please be in touch, and post pictures!

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