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Zer Netmouse
November 29th, 2011
09:44 pm


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Note to Internet Friends: I've Changed (my email address)
Over a year ago, when I married Brian, I got a new gmail username, akg.netmouse, and I have since switched to having that be my primary email. My old gmail account, which has a username that included my former married name, I still check from time to time and am slowly unsubscribing from all the mailing lists, etc, to which it was subscribed.

I mention this because I recently checked that mail and noticed a bunch of invitations to join google+. I'm on Google+ already, using my current/new gmail account. I try to look people up and link to them when they invite the old account, but there's a serious delay, and anyway, I want y'all to know how to contact me.

I don't know if I had previously made a general announcement, so here it is.

In the meantime, my permanent email address is netmouse@netmouse.com - I own that domain, unlike gmail.com or whatever, and am reasonably confident I will control that address from now on, regardless of the health of other companies, service providers, etc. It forwards to my current primary email address, so when in doubt use netmouse@netmouse.com.

But if you want to add me to your circles on google+, use akg.netmouse (at) gmail.com.

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