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Pictures make a post

Haven't found much time to write lately. No duh, you say. Well, lots has been going on. Rosie's gotten in two more teeth on top, to add to the two she already had up there, and she's standing unsupported and using her walking toys or pushing around strollers and chairs and taking the occasional free step from one thing to the next. She's also very keen on climbing and has figured out how to climb into both her strollers on her own. Then for the past ten days, mom and dad were visiting, minus a two-day break when they went to see Santa Fe and Taos. And before that, well, we were unpacking.

I did find the time just before Mom and dad's visit to post a set of pictures of Rosie to picasa (flickr wasn't working that day), and for those on facebook I posted some pics last night of mom and dad's visit there.

I'm feeling pretty split right now between twitter, here, facebook, and google+. My mom (who is not online) commented the other day that facebook and twitter are full of nonsense, and I'm sure they are, but it's not generally what I see. Those of you I follow (when I can) online keep me up on the news, link to terrific creative projects and interesting discussions, help keep me sane, and yes, sometimes make me laugh, but most of the posts I see are pretty serious.

These are serious times. For all that we'd like it to be laughable that people can be considered serious contenders for the presidency who would force a girl who was raped to carry the child of her rapist to term, would pass racist legislation to make it hard for minorities to vote and harder still for immigrants without papers who have American children to walk freely without fear of having their families split up anytime, people who would eliminate funding for the arts and protections for our environment and advocate instituting a flat 9% tax while pretending that would not bring the government and the country to its knees. All of that should be ridiculous. but it's real. And it's our country. And meantime big companies are making big profits and little people are still being foreclosed on and scrounging for jobs. I don't think the protests are going to change that. But in case a picture of a cute, smart, fast-learning kid will help get your mind off it for a minute,

Wait, you want that without the glasses? ok. :)

She's using some sign language now, and working on a few words verbally. It's very exciting. I'll try to post more often about it. She's also growing like a weed. On September 9th she checked in at 29.5" tall, 21.65 lbs. Last week we went to the doctor to check for a possible earache (all clear). They did not measure her height, but she weighed in at 25.65 lbs with her clothes on. Standing her in front of her growth chart today, it looks like she's 30.5" tall. Which means we're overdue to get her a new car seat by .5", oops. We were going to go to a local secondhand sale to look for one Saturday morning but the kiddo woke up early with a fever and we just stayed around the house that day.

A frustratingly large component of being a parent involves shopping, but we're muddling through somehow. Brian helps a lot. I really cannot imagine doing this with a partner other than him. He continues to be wonderful. Just ask Rosie.

Someday I'll stop being wowed, watching her stand up unassisted, I'm sure. But right now I think it's amazing and awesome. And I love how it makes her smile.

Rosie standing

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