Anne (netmouse) wrote,

The Word

We're off to where the rabbit goes in stories never told.


Brian has been accepted to the University of New Mexico for a post-doc with a three-year fellowship. Yay!

Anyone who knows our recent moving history will be unsurprised to hear we are both looking forward to being in the same place for at least three years. The program starts Sept 1 and we expect to move out there in late July or early August.

It will be hard to move away from the wonderful support network of friends and family we have been so lucky to have here in Ann Arbor, but we know a couple people in Albuquerque and will be driving distance from other friends and family in Arizona. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of my brother's family for a few years (they live in Vail/Tuscon), and being close to them will also help motivate my parents and my sister to come out for visits, we hope (that is our fiendish plan, anyway).

Brian went out to New Mexico for the first half of this week for interviews and to choose a research mentor. He came back with a lot of positive things to say and clear excitement about the people he's going to work with, which was really nice to hear.

I've been to the Southwest a number of times, but never lived there, so advice about how to make the transition would be welcome.

And, yes, I promise to dress Rosie up as a cowgirl and send back pictures of her in the mountains. And then I'll dress her up as a physicist and do likewise, because that's just how we roll.
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