Anne (netmouse) wrote,


In the past month both the SF Editors and Sf Artists wikis have been attacked by spammers that are unlike any I've seen before. One variety is not posting links, just short junk sentences that destroy real content. The other main type is posting new pages - it registers a bunch of new users, each user creates one or more pages, and that's all they do. It wouldn't impact the real site except there's a "Random Page" link off the main navigation bar that creates hits on these new pages, if used. I might have to turn off that link.

If anyone can recomment scripts that could help me, I'd appreciate it.

In the mean time, ReCaptcha is still not working and I'm wondering if there's a viable alternative. Also, I'm way overdue to update those wikis to the current version of wikimedia. I'm not sure why I find that notion so intimidating. But whether it's the old version, or the attacks, the wikis aren't displaying right. the logos are missing and the nvaigation links are showing up below article content instead of beside it.

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