Anne (netmouse) wrote,

More Pics of Rosie

Rosie's foot, mom's foot
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I haven't posted pictures to flickr in over a month, so here's a set from recent times. As you can see, Rosie's still quite tiny compared to grown-ups, but she's also more than 2 feet tall, sitting up on her own, starting to scoot around a little (backwards, on her belly, so far), and at times I think she's just said a sentence or phrase, though I can't understand her.

For a while she was very focused on physical development - rolling from her back to her front, turning objects over and pulling blocks apart or putting them in and out of bins. Lately she's started paying more attention to sounds. She's talking more, playing with musical toys, realizing she can make noise by hitting something against something else, and getting distracted by environmental sounds she used to ignore, trying to figure out what they are.

Just this week she started really giggling again, and more! For a long time she would just grin and kind of chortle, but the other day I was flopping myself down on the bed she was sitting on and she was laughing at me. and last night I made her giggle by clowning around singing "Make way for Prince Ali" from Aladdin. And like the baby in the popular Youtube video, she's starting to find ripping paper highly amusing.

It definitely helps make up for her increased fussiness lately, which I think is a grand combination of a cold, a growth spurt, and teething. Plus, who knows? Maybe another developmental milestone. She's at least getting over some of the stranger anxiety of the last month, and is more willing to go to other people and not mind if I leave the room. She's not completely ok with it, but better than a couple weeks ago.

Good times. :)


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