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busy yet quiet

I realize I have not been posting to Livejournal much lately. I am of course spending most of my time taking care of the kiddo, with most of the rest of it spent taking care of me and my hubby and some portion spent reading (and a little bit writing), mostly non-fiction about child-rearing or child development, or race relations, the civil rights movement, and related topics. (Currently reading: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. Excellent book. And Pink Brain, Blue Brain, and The Wonder Weeks, and Us and Them.) And then with the other quarter of my time I'm continuing to run the art project for Renovation, something I still intend to post more info about Real Soon Now. I note I am way behind in lots of things, including updating my personal web site, which says we're expecting the baby who turned 7 months old yesterday...

Brian is working on applying to post-docs and faculty positions in addition to working at his old lab as a post-doc. We recently started hiring a family friend to babysit Rosie for a few hours a week in-house so I can get a little more concentrated time to work on Renovation and some writing I'm doing. After I finish revising a couple of articles about how to edit and create articles on Wikipedia I hope to return to the TAFF report and get the next segment out for publication.

Tomorrow we go to the fourth gathering this year for friends who are moving out of Michigan in pursuit of better job opportunities (accounting for 7 friends who've moved or are moving). Presumably we'll join those ranks if one of Brian's applications pans out, but we're expecting to be here at least through June. I don't know to what extent we'll attend Penguicon. Brian probably won't, while Rosie and I might stop by.

I'm enjoying visits with old teachers and neighbors and classmates, coworkers, and other friends while we're in town. It's fun to show off the kiddo. Last Saturday we went to a gaming party over at logangrey's, and I also got in a side trip to see lizdmg and the family. Sunday rikhei and I met up with my dad and Moonbeam and Daniel and Ferris at the Hands on Museum (dad got some very cute pics of the two babies). Wednesday I fit in lunch with my old coworker Jack Zaientz. Yesterday Rosie and I popped in briefly on a friend who's busy with tax preparation to give her a small dose of baby sweetness. Thursday blue_lucy and atdt1991, brendand, and Chris came over for tasty ruebens cooked by Lucy and to visit Rosie (and us. :) ). As Rosie gets to be able to play more independently I look forward to seeing more of my friends again, plus Andrea helped by watching her for a while when Brian and I were gaming last week.

She continues to be a very happy kid, which I am cherishing. She's generally sleeping 4 to 6 hours in a row at night, plus a couple 2-hour blocks after that. Eating many solid foods but still breastfeeding regularly throughout the day. Baby cuddles are so nice! And I love how she giggles when I pretend to eat her up, "nom nom nom nom!" We had our second class in the pool with her this morning. I'm glad Brian and I are doing those together. Most of the kids in the class only have one parent in the water with them. I recently got a baby book called "Daddy kisses" out from the library and later really enjoyed watching Brian read it to Rosalind, pausing in all the right places to demonstrate how the daddy animals were kissing their little ones (on the ear, on the paw, etc).

We're still tired a lot, but this is generally a happy time. And the weather's getting warmer! Yay!

Yesterday Rosie and I went outside for a walk and some quiet reflective sitting after I read of Mike Glicksohn's passing. She got to sit in the grass for the first time in her life! And put some in her mouth, of course. I was gifted by a phone call from gerisullivan. I didn't actually know Mike all that well. He was just always around as I got started running ConFusion (he had a perfect attendance record up until this year). And suddenly we were stumbling through a fan guest of honor induction ceremony without him, and now, two months later, he's gone. Too soon. It was a good time to be in the sun, to listen to the wind blowing in the tall grass and watch the look on Rosie's face as she held a branch of dried seeds firmly in her tiny little fist and soaked it all in.

It all goes too quickly. All of it.

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